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Types of Data Collected

The personal data may be provided at the user’s discretion or may be gathered automatically while using the website. By accepting cookies you are permitting your browser to store cookies from us and our partners. These cookies will be both temporary session cookies and persistent cookies which will be used to gather anonymous data about usage of the website so that we can improve our website and tailor it to the trends and needs of our customers.


Cookies are used to anonymously store and gather data. We monitor metrics via Google Analytics. Metrics that we monitor include: time spent on site, pages viewed, search engine queries, location and language. Persistent cookies will also be stored on your device to enable us to collect additional data such as whether a user is a returning visitor or not. Google may also use the data gathered to store cookies that will help Google’s search engine and partners to display advertisements targeted to your preferences. You can view Google’s privacy policy here: To opt out of Google Analytics tracking you can disable Javascript and/or disable cookies in your browser or you can click this link for instructions on how to prevent Google from tracking you . Cookies are also used to help us advertise to you in future. As you browse advertising cookies will be placed on your computer so that we can understand what you are interested in. Our display advertising partner, AdRoll, then enables us to present you with retargeting advertising on other sites based on your previous interaction with our website. The techniques our partners employ do not collect personal information such as your name, email address, postal address, or telephone number. Adroll’s privacy policy is available here: To opt out of AdRoll’s and their partners’ targeted advertising you can visit this page: Your Home From Home takes every measure necessary to prevent unauthorized access to personal information gathered on the site.


Our online booking form requires some personal data in order to perform the transaction and for us to provide our services. The data required for our service includes: First name, Last name, Email, Telephone number, Address. The secure payment process for our online reservation system is provided by Bookassist ® and requires a valid credit card and cardholder details. Click the links to view their privacy policy and terms. Bookassist Terms & Conditions Bookassist Privacy Policy

Privacy and Security

Information is never passed to third-parties without your consent or unless required by law. Users have the option of subscribing to our newsletter and allowing us to contact you with special offers and other information not related to your booking. The user assumes responsibility for the personal data of any details shared via the online reservation service and declares the right to share such information.

The use of the collected Data

The data concerning the user is collected to allow the application to provide its services, as well as for the following purposes: analytics, managing email addresses, sending marketing material or company updates.

Retention Time

The Data is kept for the time necessary to provide the service requested by the user or, where the user has consented to receive supplementary material, until the user terminates that subscription or requests that their data be removed.

Legal Action

The user's personal data may be used for legal purposes, in Court or in the stages leading to possible legal action arising from improper use of this application or related services. The user must be aware of the fact that the Your Home From Home may be required to reveal personal data upon the request of the local authorities.

Terms & Conditions

YOUR HOME FROM HOME reserves the right to review and amend this statement at any time. It is your responsibility to read through this policy. If you disagree with anything outlined in this document then please cease using the site and contact us to register your issue. This policy is dated so please check the date on the policy that you are viewing as you will be subject to the terms laid out on the date that you used the site.

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